The One River, Many Stories team is grateful that Matthew Olin was on board from the very beginning to help create our visual identity. An assistant professor in the School of Fine Arts at the University of Minnesota Duluth, Matt’s work has been featured by Wired, Mashable, and the Washington Post, to name a few. In the greater Duluth area, if you know the clever design for Locally Laid Eggs, you know Matt’s work.


Matthew Olin, designer of the One River, Many Stories logo.

We’re asking anyone who publishes something for One River, Many Stories to use one of the logos Matt designed with your work. By including a logo, you’re identifying your story with our project. We have several logos to choose from — vertical, horizontal, or badge style — to use with your work about the St. Louis River and its surrounding communities and people.

I sat down and talked with Matt about his design process. Click below to listen to Matt explain how he approached the design for our logo.

When a logo is designed well, it’s easy to take for granted. From a designer’s perspective, I asked Matt to explain how color, shape and style can be used to communicate meaning.

You can see the logo in action on many stories already, like this one about the American Fur Trading Post at Fond du Lac in 1826.

Click here to view and download a version of our One River, Many Stories logo and choose one that works best with your story. And don’t forget to use one of our hashtags, #OneRiverMN or #ChiGamiiZiibi, so your story is aggregated with others.

Follow Matt on Twitter and Instagram (@oh_matt).