We started this journey as a 4000-level college journalism class at the University of Minnesota Duluth. Most of us arrived on the first day expecting to continue an online publication called Lake Voice News. Then our professor, John Hatcher, changed course.

 *insert design thinking*

 We learned an ideation process called Design Thinking. Design thinking is a new process for journalists, among other professions, to come up with fresh ideas to engage with readers and create products.

 It has successfully been implemented into journalism organizations such as the Voice of San Diego and WBEZ Chicago’s Curious City. Hatcher wanted our class to create a journalistic product using design thinking…in about 15 weeks. We had 15 weeks to ideate, create and then distribute our product. Needless to say, it was a whirlwind.

 We all brought various expertise and knowledge to the group, from photography and videography to writing and online publishing. Many of us gained more knowledge and experience in these areas as well as others.

 In addition to creating Lincoln Park Youth Voice, we had several opportunities to work with One River, Many Stories. We attended One River events and met with people like Paul Lundgren, president of Perfect Duluth Day, and Ivy Vainio, local photographer.

 Most of the One River events were held in Lincoln Park. After attending the events and talking with locals, we decided to work with the Lincoln Park river community. Soon after, we decided to focus on the youth.

Then Lincoln Park Youth Voice was born. We got in touch with Lincoln Park Middle School and the Lincoln Park Branch of the Boys & Girls Club of the Northland. We created our Facebook page, Instagram and Twitter account. We even got some real estate on ourlincolnpark.com.

This publication is hard-evidence of our work and the youth’s work this semester.

Note: Sebastian Nemec is Cultural Entrepreneurship major and Journalism minor at the University of Minnesota Duluth.