See what happens when all the storytellers in one region turn their attention to one topic.

APRIL 2016

Photo by jsjgeology. Licensed under CC BY 2.0


+ Newspapers, television and radio stations, local bloggers, photographers, videographers, university, college and high school journalism programs, and citizen storytellers all agree to publish news articles, documentaries, podcasts and other media that tell stories somehow related to the St. Louis River.
+ The project produces a diverse collection of stories.
+ The project engages citizens and invites them to tell their own stories.
+ The efforts build an alliance among the region’s professional journalists, educators and citizen storytellers.


+ Agree to tell at least one story about some topic connected with the St. Louis River and its neighboring communities. You decide how it relates to the river. You decide what needs to be told. You decide how to tell it. You have complete autonomy.

+ Publish it sometime during April 2016.

+ Join us at the end as we celebrate and showcase the many stories about, you guessed it, one river.

+ Use our project logo with your story.

+ Consider letting us add your story to the One River, Many Stories collection.

+ Use #OneRiverMN on any social media you do related to this project.

+ Follow us on Twitter @OneRiverMN


Photo by chefranden. Licensed under CC BY 2.0

What We Will Do

+ We are hiring a project coordinator who will be a resource for you.

+ We will be hosting regular workshops and networking events to connect you to other storytellers.

+ We will have a grant-funded paid internship program that will match student journalists with journalists doing river-related projects.

+ We will maintain a social media presence to keep you updated on the project.

Download Our Logo

Use our logo with your story to help grow awareness of this project and encourage further involvement from journalists, educators and citizen storytellers.

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Funded in part by the Knight Foundation Fund of the Duluth Superior Area Community Foundation.