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Our Final Report offers a summary of the contributions produced for the One River, Many Stories project. You will see reactions from some participants and our initial recommendations for other communities that may want to replicate what we tried here. We hope this document can serve as a blueprint that other communities can use to find their own collaborative, storytelling opportunities.

In April 2016, we asked all journalists, storytellers, and citizens in northern Minnesota and northwest Wisconsin to tell one story about the St. Louis River, its communities, its history, its people. When they published a story, we asked them to share it on social media and use our hashtags: #OneRiverMN, #ChiGamiiziibi (the Ojibwe name for the St. Louis River). Those stories joined the aggregated collection of content produced by others in the region. We hoped One River, Many Stories would be a powerful demonstration of what happens when all the region’s storytellers focused their attention on one topic.

Did it work? Yes, but not in ways we could have imagined.

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